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The Ching Wu Curriculum

Sigung with teaching monks at Shaolin Temple

Sigung (far left) with instructor Zhu Yong Sheng (second from left)
at the 108 Wooden Man Hall of the Shaolin Temple

Martial Arts and Cultural Performance

  • Kung Fu - is a generic term for martial arts originating in China. The term "kung fu" loosely translates as "skill", or more eloquently "skill mastered through time and hard work". Kung Fu training provides a range of personal benefits such as improved fitness, strength, confidence, and flexibility. Ching Wu offers instruction in several styles of Kung Fu.
  • Lion/Dragon Dance - In addition to martial arts classes, we are also home to the premier lion dance and dragon dance troupe in Manitoba. All Ching Wu members are welcome and encouraged to attend the lion dance class.

Martial arts styles offered at Ching Wu

  • Shaolin Kung Fu originated at the Shaolin Temple located at the Songxian mountain in Henan, China. The Shaolin monks are renowned for their expertise in both armed and weaponless personal combat. The program of Shaolin Kung Fu taught at Ching Wu under the tutelage of Sigung David Cliffe is in direct lineage of this 1500 year tradition. Shaolin, meaning Young Forest, has historically and culturally been regarded as the most effective method of personal combat. 
  • Praying Mantis Kung Fu originated in the Song dynasty with a Shaolin disciple named Wong Long, who developed his style by observing the movements of a praying mantis in capturing its prey. Praying Mantis Kung Fu is taught at Ching Wu by Master Huang Guo Qing, ninth generation master of the Seven Star Praying Mantis system. 
  • T'ai Chi is a soft-style martial art that relies on coordinating with an adversary's force to use it against him, rather than opposing his force with your own. The system of T'ai Chi taught by Sigung David Cliffe at Ching Wu is the Chen family style, the oldest of the four major styles of T'ai Chi.
  • Shuai jiao
  • Aikido
  • Bagua
  • Sanda
  • Wushu
  • Wing chun
  • Jiu jitsu (Portage la Prairie location only)

Last updated January 1, 2011

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