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The Ching Wu Athletic Association, home of Winnipeg's premier lion dance troupe, can perform at the opening of a new business, wedding, birthday, or any event in which you wish to add some good fortune.

  • Lion dance - is accompanied by percussion and is performed in approximately 15-minute segments.
  • Dragon dance - is performed with a costume that is about 50 feet long and which typically involves at least 8 performers.
  • Kung fu - demos typically include a range of forms (patterned sequences) which may be performed empty hand, with weapons, and/or with partners.



We specialize in performing traditional lion dances.  Our 3 lions represent the famous generals in China from the Romance of Three Kingdom: Liu Bei (multicolor with white beard), Guan Yu (red face black beard), and Zhang Fei (black face black beard). The CWAA lion dance troupe is the official team for Folklorama's Chinese pavillion. 

To book a performance, you may complete the Booking Performance (pdf) form* and e-mail it to liondance@chingwu.org. or contact the Ching Wu office at  (204) 219-9537.

* Note that the pdf form may be saved upon completion when using Adobe Reader 9 - available at http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions.

Last updated January 1, 2011

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