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About the Ching Wu Athletic Association (CWAA)

The Ching Wu Athletic Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing top quality martial arts training and associated cultural activities, to the preservation of those traditional styles and activities, and to the building of cross cultural awareness in the community it serves through its instructional programs and related performances, locally and internationally.

The original Ching Wu Association (pronounced Jing Woo) was founded in 1910 by Huo Yuan Chia in Shanghai, China. Also known as Jing Mo or Chin Woo, the association aimed to restore the reputation of martial arts to the Chinese people and preserve the many traditional styles that were becoming lost. Ching Wu ceased to exist during the second world war. In the post-war era several independent organizations used the name Ching Wu. These splinter groups emerged throughout Asia, and eventually in the Western Hemisphere.

The Ching Wu Athletic Association was established in Winnipeg as a not-for-profit organization in 1990 and has grown and expanded since then to offer traditional martial arts instruction in a wide variety of styles for women and men of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels, keeping the original ideals first set out by the original Ching Wu in 1910. Our instructors teach, train, and encourage students to improve their levels of physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.

  • Health. Systematic, scientific, and consistent martial arts training has been proven to increase one’s flexibility, cardiovascular capacity, strength, speed, balance and coordination. Reduced body fat, more energy, a sharpened mind, and reduced stress are the most noticeable improvements.
  • Mental Discipline. Martial arts training requires mental focus, concentration, memorization, expression, and artistic interpretation. These skills enhance intellectual capacity and are transferable to other areas of your life. Achievement of progressively harder physical and mental goals develops confidence and self-discipline, essential qualities for success in life.
  • Self-Defence. Kung Fu is a comprehensive, balanced combat system. With an unmatched number of practical defence techniques and tactics, Kung Fu can help you be prepared for every conceivable self-defence situation. Kung Fu calls upon 2500 years of Chinese history, utilizing techniques that have been tested in actual battlefield combat.

Last updated November 5, 2013

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